Testimonials – Grand Lake Automated Boat Cover

“I love my boat cover! Great quality and good looks. I use my boat more since it is so easy to uncover and recover- literally the push of a button. It’s worth every penny.”

Judy Hall
Harris Flotebote 240
The Coves on Duck Creek

“Ron, I want you to know how much we have enjoyed our new boat cover. I bought if for safety so that my wife and I would not have to climb all over our boat trying to work snaps that would never cooperate.  What might have taken an hour now takes seconds with your system.  It also helps keep our boat clean and protects the boat from the sun.  Our young adult sons even love the system. Now after a hot day they can hit the air conditioning instead of fighting with boat snaps. We appreciate that you did your work in the timely manner that you said you would.  Also going out of your way to give instruction when it was convenient for us.  You know how to run a business.

Thanks again.”

Doug Sinclair
Formula 330 CBR
The Landings at Monkey Island

“Thanks for manufacturing and installing our cover on our Cobalt Marker One M27.  It’s totally protective of our boat, maintains the value of our boat, and there is zero maintenance on our boat.  It has made our boating experience a 180° turnaround in a favorable way.”

Louis Dakil
Marker One M27
Newport Village
Monkey Island, OK

“It makes boating so much easier. We are very satisfied.”

Pete Dinsmore
Cobalt A40
Landau 25 Tritoon
Honey Creek

“Ron Branam’s drop down covers are simply the best.  Less than 10 seconds to cover or uncover and your boat is completely protected.  Years of experience with Ron has shown that his products stand up to the test of time.  Great investment!”

Bob Green
Arrowhead Boat Sales

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Branam Covers to my customers. They deliver a high quality products that offer easy operation to the consumer.  The on time delivery and installation make it easy to do business with them as well.”

Caleb Goldner
Goldner Dock Construction

“My wife had Ron make an automated custom cover as a surprise gift for me. It works so well and saves so much time and effort I had another one made for a second boat within a few months.  Quality materials, easy to operate, and makes a huge difference for us.

Thank you, Ron!!”

Jim Bass
Cobalt A28
Harris Flotebote 240
Carey Bay

“We absolutely love our new Branam Up automated cover from Ron. It is so easy and fast to use.  We have ended up using our boat more because we don’t have to fight with covering and uncovering the boat.  It literally only takes seconds and is effortless.”

Bill Barnes
Cobalt A28
The Coves at Duck Creek

“Our boat cover has made boating so much easier and faster getting out on the lake and especially getting boat covered after a day of fun. It previously took us 20-30 minutes to cover the boat and now it takes 10 seconds.  The cover is customized to fit and more importantly the service after installation has been swift and a problem solved satisfactorily.  We really enjoyed working with Ron and all his assistants.”

Larry and Jerree Ehrlich
Cobalt 262
Newport Village
Monkey Island

“We bought a cover from Ron Branam in 2015 for our Crownline 335.  We could not be happier with the quality and service.  It was installed exactly when Ron said it would be and is a huge time saver.  Well worth the investment.”

Colby Brock
Grand Lake Towne
Ketchum Cove

“I had seen one operate so I bought one for my Harris 250 Tritoon. Loved it so much I order another one for my Rinker 296. The covers are so easy, we want to use our boats more often.  No more struggling in 100° heat.”

Rick Stevens
Langley Bluff

“Love our automatic boat cover from Branam Upholstery, excellent quality and installation.  In less than 30 seconds the cover is off and we are boating!  Love it!”

John and Mary Hackathorn
Cobalt R30
Stoney Point
Grand Lake Oklahoma

“Ron, Let me compliment you on your prompt service and a fine product. Our ten year old grandson can now cover two boats in two minutes. No sandbags, no sweat, no drawstrings, just very very easy to operate covers.  If you ever want to show ours to a potential customer, you have my permission. Thank you so much for putting them in.”

Ed Leinbach
Sea Ray 340
Cobalt 252
Spinnaker Point on Duck Creek

“Ron Branam and company were nothing but professionals in the manufacture and installation of my boat cover, the quality and service exceptional!”

Kent Weaver
Cobalt R7
Brighton Bay at Monkey Island

“Ron: We walk to the dock, push one button, cover comes up, boat is still clean, canopy still up, twist Hydro Hoist lever, boat goes down, we step across to Tri-toon and leave. Perfect!”

Louis Blosch
Harris 240 Flotebote
Drowning Creek

“I have two boats, each with Ron’s new cover system.  Keeps my boats clean and protected, and allows one person to easily and quickly cover or uncover a boat in seconds. A real game changer.”

Dave Momper
Champion Bass Boat
Harris 240 Flotebote
Grand Lake Towne on Ketchum Cove

“Ron’s automated boat covers are a dream come true.  He made one for my Ranger 522 bass boat four years ago and one for my new Chaparral 277 last summer. I wouldn’t change one thing about them.  They make boating a pleasure.”

Jack Kirkpatrick
State Park Marina
Table Rock Lake

“I bought an automated boat cover from Branam Upholstery for my wife on our 30th wedding anniversary. She/We love it! It might be the best gift we ever got. It makes our lake time more enjoyable. We have big smiles on our faces every time we use it. It’s so simple.”

Dan Waller
Crownline 262
Tera Miranda, Monkey Island

“We are very pleased with our automated full cover from Branam Upholstery.  Ron was very professional and the cover looks and operates great!  Everyone is amazed how fast it goes up and down.”

Mark and Celia Ralston
Cobalt 336
Melody Point, Honey Creek

“My new automated cover from Branam Upholstery is quick, convenient, nice looking, and fairly priced.  What now I can do in 10 seconds, took me 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off with my old cover. My old manual cover was impossible to put on in the wind. With the new cover, it’s a breeze.”

Rick Hudson
Cobalt 276
Ketchum Cove

“My automatic cover by Branam Upholstery has improved my life!  Thirty seconds up, thirty seconds down and it keeps my boat so clean.   I wouldn’t have a boat without one.”

Matt Jones
Cobalt 302
St. Andrews-Monkey Island

“Ron, your automated cover is the best boating decision we have ever made.  The whole transaction was so easy including the installation at our boat slip and the great service you provide.  We would not hesitate to do it again!”

Dr. James and Bootsey Torchia
Crownline 32
Shangri-La-Monkey Island

“Branam Upholstery has made me two (2) automated covers, one for my Cobalt 302 and the other for my Ranger bass boat.  There is nothing easier. I can be boating or fishing in one minute.  They keep the sun and other elements off my boat and in like new condition.

Mike Hamsher
The Coves-Duck Creek

“Ron custom made the cover for our 35 foot open bow Formula. It is engineered perfectly and is very simple to operate. I love the built-in sand bag concept. When I have needed additional service, Ron has always been available and prompt. I would give it a five star rating as it is the best cover ever.”

Bill Mc Laughlin
Formula 350 CBR
Bella Lago at Monkey Island

“Before we bought our custom Branam cover, we hardly used our boat because the spiders and cobwebs had to be cleaned off every time and the manufacturer’s cover was cumbersome to remove before we used the boat; and to replace when we were done. Now with our custom cover, no more spiders or cobwebs (yay!) and now it takes eight seconds to raise it, and eight seconds to put it back down when we’re done! Now we use our boat all the time and we should have done it sooner!”

Rick Boswell
Mastercraft X15
Island Park

“The cover is an awesome product. Branam Up has done a great job servicing me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to climb all over the boat putting a cover on and it be quick and easy.”

Rick Miller
Cobalt 323
Honey Creek

“With my first boat I wrestled constantly with the snap on cover, often in the afternoon heat. With my new boat, I decided to go with the automated custom cover. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Not sure if I am more glad that I got the new boat, or the new cover!”

Bill Medley
Jack’s Hideaway
Monkey Island

“The Branam Boat Cover has made our lake experience much more enjoyable. An affordable and easy to use cover offering full protection against the Oklahoma elements. No more wasting time snapping covers. In a matter of seconds our cover is off and we’re enjoying the lake. Professional service from start to finish.”

Jerry & Belinda Speights
Formula 330 CBR
Duck Creek